CryptoCougs™ is a Name, Image & Likeness Collective focused on creating opportunities for college athletes. As a brand, CryptoCougs™ does its own endorsement deals too.

The Crypto part? We pay our deals in Cryptocurrency because it is fast and efficient. All deals meet NCAA guidelines, have fully-executed service agreements and the required tax information captured for reporting purposes.

We strive to create innovative and enriching endorsement opportunities for student athletes while running the CryptoCougs™ business as a zero sum game with complete transparency to the outside world. The Founder of CryptoCougs draws no income from CryptoCougs™. We take 10% from contributions to cover the operating expenses of the business. As mentioned, the owner earns no salary and takes no draws from the business.

As the name implies, whenever possible we approach our business as a chance to employ Decentralized Ledger Technology. We see Blockchain technology integrating into all aspects of the future and can think of no better place to utilize Blockchain tech than in NIL activities. We pay our endorsement deals in Cryptocurrency and continue to develop our patent-pending methodology to execute all endorsement agreements as Smart Contracts.

Join us on our journey to make unique Name, Image & Likeness opportunities!