There are two chief sales mechanisms for CryptoCougs™:

1)Our Branded Program:

wherein you or your business work with CryptoCougs™ to create an endorsement opportunity that benefits a specific team or student. In the Our Branded Program, CryptoCougs™ is the promotional entity that does the endorsement deal with the team or a student via you or your businesses contribution*

2)Your Endorsement Program:

this model incorporates the traditional endorsement and advertising methods. CryptoCougs™ can work with your marketing team - or our preferred social influencer metrics provider and digital advertisers to create the most robust NIL endorsement deal for your business. We’re flexible and will accommodate whichever approach best suits your business.
*In both cases, CryptoCougs primarily provides the NIL rights and your marketing team decides the exact use. While CryptoCougs cooperates with and supports your marketing program, the development and cost of that program is borne by you or your business.

Too often we see NIL Collectives popping up around the country as thinly-veiled covers to pay students at their respective schools . Aside from being illegal, this shouldn't be the intention of a Name, Image & Likeness endorsement for a student. At CryptoCougs™ we’re working with students to build their brands. The NCAA specifically released restrictions on Name, Image & Likeness for students for this purpose only. If you’re a student athlete and you’re wondering where your money is, you’re doing it wrong. You need to be asking yourself a simple question: “what is the value of my brand?” We can help you determine what your brand's value is and we’d love to help you find your first NIL deal. CryptoCougs™ is not a talent agency. However, we are interested in the well-being of students athletes, and to that end offer a host of resources to help enrolled student athletes to navigate the emerging world of cryptocurrency, personal budgeting, financial planning, taxation implications and more.

Join us on our journey to make unique Name, Image & Likeness opportunities!