Believe in Me Foundation for Kids Spokane, WA

Led by WSU Alum Julie Wukelic. We believe in kids and we want to inspire them to believe in themselves. Believe in Me (the Foundation) provides grants to programs that are helping every kid develop the self-confidence they need to succeed. Our results are measured by the kids whose lives are forever changed through transitional housing, foster care, wraparound services, education, and enrichment through play, the arts, and outdoor immersion. We strategically invest in these five pillars of caring to develop a real and lasting positive impact on the community.

CryptoCougs Philantrophist:

  • Jacob McKeon - WSU Baseball

Hilinski's Hope

Hilinski’s Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to promote awareness and education of mental health and wellness for student athletes. The Foundation’s mission is to educate, advocate, and eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness, while funding programs that provide student-athletes with the tools and resources that support their mental health and wellness.

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  • Chase Grillo - WSU Baseball
  • Nadia Cooper - WSU Soccer
  • Katy Ryan - WSU Volleyball

Katie's Save

Katie’s Save is based on the principle of student-choice. It is a mission to implement a policy where students can opt for a trusted adult ‘Designated Advocate’ to receive notice and provide support when they need it the most. The initiative of Katie’s Save is the prevention of any future tragedies.

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  • Mykiaa Minniss - WSU Soccer

Lauren McCluskey Foundation: Pullman, WA

Dating violence and stalking are some of the most pressing issues facing universities and colleges today. One third of all women report dating violence by a current or previous partner. University and college campuses are not trained to respond effectively to these problems. The Lauren McCluskey Foundation was founded to honor the life and spirit of Lauren Jennifer McCluskey by bringing awareness to, funding research for, and providing resources to change the culture that responds poorly to dating violence and stalking on campuses.

Our mission is to let Lauren’s light shine by supporting her passions, including animal welfare, amateur athletics, and by making campuses across the country a place where students are safe, supported, and have the ability to thrive.

CryptoCougs Philantrophist:

  • Grant Taylor - WSU Baseball

National Collective of Womens Refuges: Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand’s largest nation-wide organisation that supports and helps women and children experiencing family violence. Our vision is for all women and children in Aotearoa to live free from domestic and family violence.

CryptoCougs Philantrophist

  • Charlisse Leger-Walker - WSU Womens Basketball

Fighting With Myles: Pullman, WA

WSU Men's Basketball player battling against Hodgkins Lymphoma. Support directly enables Myles to tell his story, support his teammates, and inspire others.

Fundraiser for Myles Rice by Myles Rice : Fighting with Myles (

CryptoCougs Philantrophist:

  • Cam Liss - WSU Baseball

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